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Invalid Sim Card:
iPhone 7/Plus

A problem recently encountered was my brand new Apple iPhone 7 Plus telling me that there was an Invalid Sim Card or Sim not valid, after just one day!
Before marching 
immediately to your nearset Apple Store, just check that you have done all of the below to save you a trip.

By Rikki Robertson-Brown, posted July 20, 2017

Invalid SIM Card Iphone 7 Plus Image
Sudden Blank Laptop Screen Image

Blank Screen After Laptop Fully Boots

This issue has wasted a many hour in my experience, the infernal Blank Laptop Screen after bootup, it was fine, until the operating system kicks in.
Click more to see how you can troubleshoot your way to a clear and visible screen.

By Rikki Robertson-Brown, posted October 11, 2017