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Sudden Blank Laptop Screen Image

Blank Screen After Laptop Fully Boots

This issue has wasted a many hour in my experience, no picture on the screen after bootup.  It was fine starting up, until the operating system kicks in, then it all goes blank.

By Rikki Robertson-Brown, posted October 11, 2017

"Our laptop starts to boot up ok, but all of sudden, the screen goes blank just before Windows loads"


The good news is, that your screen is fine and it is more likely a small setting or even a recent graphics driver you have installed.

If you have a TV or spare monitor, then you can save some time by plugging in your TV or monitor to the laptop so that you can see the screen and turn the laptop on.

When you can see the windows start bar, desktop and icons etc, press Start→Control Panel→Appearance and Personalization and click the Adjust Screen Resolution link.

Where it says screen resolution, change this to the LOWEST setting, usually 800x600.

This will now change the screen resolution, so you should be able to unplug your TV or monitor and see the laptop screen.

If it has worked, then you can change the resolution to a higher setting, to match your screen (It should say Recommended Size) - if you go over the recommended size and it happens again, just wait 15 seconds and it will come back to the previous setting.

If This Doesn't Work 

You need to press two keys together on your keyboard, once Windows has loaded. On the bottom left press and HOLD the FN (function) key and then with it still held down, tap the F2 key at the top of the keyboard. This cycles your laptop through different display and presentation modes, one turns off the laptop screen to switch it to an external monitor or projector, so keep tapping F2 with FN held down and you will see the different behaviours.

If your laptop screen works when you first turn it on and in safe mode, this will definitely work unless you have installed unsigned display drivers. If you have installed graphics drivers then you will need to roll back the drivers by using:

Last Known Good Configuration

When you first turn the laptop on, keep pressing the F8 key until you see the first boot Windows splash screen and from Advanced Boot Options choose Last Known Good Configuration from the boot options